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The Alter Architect's Studio, PLLC was conceived in 2011, and officially founded by architect Zack Alsentzer, RA, LEED AP, in 2015. Our practice maintains a relatively small workload to ensure that each project receives the careful attention that it deserves.   We also regularly collaborate with other professionals to share ideas and deliver results.

​Zack Alsentzer, RA, LEED AP
Born in Germany and raised in eastern North Carolina, Zack grew up playing outdoors and exploring the abandoned farmhouses and tobacco barns of rural NC. The simplicity of these structures, and the appreciation for fresh air, influence all of his designs. He is a graduate of UNC-Charlotte, and has been practicing architecture since 2001.

In his free time, Zack enjoys spending time with his family outdoors, playing chess, and savoring good food. He is also a certified professional bicycle mechanic, and an avid sea-kayaker and backpacker. 

Our Approach:

The design process that we share with our clients can often lead us in directions that are unexpected and brilliant. A successful project is the result of open communication, never ending curiousity, and hard work. In a nutshell, this is our outline:

  • Frame the scope of the project through dialogue

  • Absorb contextual influences through observation.

  • Distill the gesture of the design

Once we've developed the basic parameters we begin to flesh-out the design. The evolution, however, is not necessarily a linear progression -- we encourage flexibility and we believe that there is always time for a good idea!